From the makers of A Readable Wikipedia:

We believe that email is about two things. Reading and writing. And that focusing on these two is what would truly move email to where it deserves to be. What we propose here is not a redesign of any particular email application. Neither is it a suggestion as to how we think an email application should be visually styled. It’s an experiment of how email could be functionally improved through the use of better typography, based on the premise that structure is more important than surface.

1910's design work is extremely structured. Each pixel is carefully calculated and adheres to a rigid set of design rules.

Which isn't unlike Apple's structured design of iOS 7. Despite iOS 7 not enjoying screaming success to date, there are many elements inside iOS 7 that just seem obvious.

I think that's why 1910's typographic approach to email looks so beautiful. There is nothing to disagree with in 1910's structured design because everything makes rational sense.

The very best software uses simplistic rationality and elements of personality to create delight. This is why Tweetbot is so awesome: Tweetbot offers a structured design paradigm with bits of personality to boot. It's the closest thing to a perfect app.

1910 is really onto something here with their typographic approach to email. Someone get on this. Like right now.