Despite the inflammatory title, I feel this is a non-issue. Sure, some American workers will cry out against the system and claim injustices. But those are misnomers.

It should be widely known that a career in the tech industry is lucrative. When comparing the increase from the intern salary to the future salary, I'm sure the percent change isn't all that different from other industries.

I worked as an intern in a middle school during my education studies. I was paid $20 an hour to sit at the back of the class and watch the teacher teach. Occasionally I would help out in class or take small groups into the hallway to help with homework. Relative to tech interns, I did far less work.

In Manitoba, the increase from that education internship salary to a full-time teacher salary would be approximately 40% (assuming a full-time starting salary is around $55,000).

According to the article, the highest paid interns work at Palantir and make approximately $85,000 per year. A 40% increase would leave us in the range of $125,000 in annual compensation. Evidently, the percent increase hardly changes from industry to industry.

Before making any assumptions, compare the math. Tech interns are getting paid for their work at an appropriate level of compensation. If you have a problem with that, change your career. Brutally honest, but brutally true.