Shawn Blanc in his article 50 Things I've Learned About Publishing a Weblog:

Don’t be embarrassed about trying to make a buck doing what you love.

This is an exciting time for The Newsprint.

The little advertisement you see in the corner represents the first product I've ever sold. That's what this is after all. Whether someone pays for a good or receives a good for free, there is still a form of exchange. I jot down flawless prose and you, dear Reader, give your undivided attention. Seems like a fair deal.

And I don't think that's so bad. In fact, I think we are always selling ourselves, no matter the situation. My boss once said that salesmanship is necessary for every occupation, not just retail. It could not be more true for publishers.

For now, the once little white space in the corner will be filled with a well-designed square of awesomeness. Carbon Ads has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm very proud to be one of their publishing members.

What does this mean to you, my Readers? Absolutely nothing.

My Readers are some of the classiest, smartest and best looking Readers on the planet. My Readers rock. I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with them.

I want to welcome Carbon Ads to The Newsprint's halls of infamy. And I want to thank my Readers for making it a reality.

To all involved, thank you.