Sid O'Neill writing for his blog Crate of Penguins:

Some things you have to earn twice. Once when you make the money to buy them, and again when you build the skill or experience to deserve and appreciate them.

Yes. Yes. And more yes.

I went through this the hard way two years ago.

I love photography. Like writing, there are so many unique ways of demonstrating art and conveying a message through a photo. Photos are worth far more than a thousand words.

So I jumped in. And I jumped in fast. I bought a Nikon D5100 and grabbed a Nikkor 18-200mm VR for travel purposes. I told myself I would grow into the camera and eventually surpass its utility.

Boy was I wrong.

The camera taught me so much about photography, from ISO to aperture to shutter speeds to stops. I vowed to never shoot in auto mode and instead use only manual and aperture priority shooting modes.

I hated manual mode. All my photos came out over or under exposed and I found Lightroom and Aperture so tedious.

I never used my camera and lens. I never carried them around because they were so big in comparison to the impressive camera inside of an iPhone. The camera and lens sitting on my desk, collecting dust, staring at me each and every day, drove me to the point of guilt. I couldn't deal with knowing I could not use such a powerful set of tools to their potential.

So I sold them. The burden was finally lifted off my chest.

And I began using my iPhone for all my photography. I have learned the limitations of the iPhone's camera and I have fully enjoyed utilizing mobile apps to edit my photos.

When I had a full DSLR, I liked photography. It was a neat hobby that introduced a new way to express myself.

Now, because of my iPhone, I love photography. I've always sucked at photography, but I have such an appreciation for a good photograph.

All because I finally have the right tool.

Take the time to read Sid's article. He is right in so many ways (as per the usual) and this is my favourite piece he has scripted yet.


An equally impressive read on essentially the same topic by Conor McClure. I personally feel Instagram presets are far more to blame than VSCO presets. But hey, if the shoe fits.