Steve Leveen:

I realize twist-off wine caps are acceptable now, but don’t you still love the pop of a real cork? Battery candles make sense on a breezy patio and around children, but who wants to give up a real candlelit dinner for two? And yes, I know my 2006 stick-shift Porsche can’t beat the new automatics, but it sure feels good to shift into third accelerating around a bend in the road.
For me, a veritable Ambassador of the Paperfull, I’m for celebrating both the old and the new delights paper can bring—while also appreciating how my Paperless friends are teaching me new ways of reading and doing.

Nostalgia has had a tremendous effect on popular tools and toys today — just look at Instagram and its grainy, faded and beige-toned filters. I love looking back at the past with a smile on my face.

But I wonder if there is a trend — as opposed to a fad — evolving around Leveen's "Paperfulls". With the constant change we experience each day, falling back on a tried and true practice is appealing.

Paper is making a comeback.

I've started to jump aboard and I'm not the only person. I'm tired of losing my digital thoughts and ideas somewhere on my phone. They are too important to lose.