MG Siegler:

So it’s beyond time for someone to go directly after and destroy Excel. Clearly, Google and Apple are not doing a good enough job at this. The issue, I believe, is that Excel is perhaps the quintessential power user tool. People take classes on it to memorize macros. It’s basically another computer language cloaked in a shitty, rudimentary user-facing UI.

To state that Microsoft Excel has a cultish following is an understatement. I have learned to maintain a spreadsheet for everything. Clients I serve maintain a spreadsheet for everything. My boss maintains a spreadsheet for everything. I'll bet there are even spreadsheets maintaining other spreadsheets.

If it wasn't for Excel, I would be able to banish Microsoft Office from my daily workflow entirely. But I can't. I won't. I don't even want to. Even I can create some cool stuff in Excel.

Uprooting Excel would create tremendous uproar. Excel has dominated its market forever. And at this point, I doubt anyone would gladly give up Excel, even if a competing product was better.