Chris Gonzalez’s awesome Artifacts series highlighted Patrick Rhone recently. Patrick uses a beautiful Field Notes cover made by Hellbrand Leather and my recent switch to memo books had me squeeling with delight. I quickly bought the memo book cover and began researching the countless types of memo books on the market.

I mentioned my recent experience with Moleskine Pocket Cahiers and I’ve been fairly delighted. But there is an obvious obsession with Field Notes Brand memo books that caught my eye. I read 10 different comparisons of Moleskine Pockets and Field Notes and all of them concluded with indifference. The major differences:

  • Field Notes are stapled; Moleskine Pockets are sewn
  • Field Notes have a whiter, thinner paper; Moleskine Pockets use a superior quality of paper with a yellow tinge
  • Field Notes have beautiful documentation on the inside and back covers; Moleskine Pockets have a pocket inside the back cover that disappointingly rips with ease

However, the biggest difference is in brand loyalty. Field Notes users are brand advocates and there seems to be a type of loyalty that I want to jump into.

The video in this link is a beautiful take on Field Notes Colors subscriptions and the value found inside a saturated memo book. I never imagined I would find such devotion and passion when researching memo books.

The Hellbrand Leather memo book cover comes with one Field Notes book inside and I can’t wait to try it out myself. If I’m even half impressed, count me in for a subscription.[1]

And once I’ve started that subscription, the impending drive to collect all the Colors subscriptions will take over my remaining life.