Ever since Svbtle opened to the public, there has been much discussion regarding Svbtle’s uniqueness in online publishing. Since inception, Svbtle has been compared to Medium and deciphering the foundations of each has caused a stir.

Kyle Dreger wrote an interesting piece highlighting the personalities of the Svbtle and Medium creators. His conclusion:

Curtis built Svbtle from a deep desire for a unique blend of anonymity and marketed identity. Williams built Medium to facilitate the surfacing of great content, without putting pressure on the author to “be” anyone. Both services have done incredible things to the web publishing game, but the place to start drawing lines between the two is fundamentally based on how both founders approach identity.
Svbtle will continue to focus on the author and personal brand.
Medium will continue to focus on the craft and surfacing stories from anyone.

Again, if you’re looking to create an online presence, I recommend Squarespace. But if you are looking for a free option to do some creative writing, you had better educate yourself before investing effort into a specific platform.[1]

And, me being me, I would recommend Svbtle, solely due to your ownership of your own content. Count me out of Medium’s communitarian mentality.