Svbtle is a blogging network that hit the web about a year ago. I was recently invited and enjoyed the short exclusivity. But frankly, the platform is far too good to be invite-only.

The Typist wrote a good article outlining the difference between Medium and Svbtle. He correctly explains that Medium is to the magazine as Svbtle is to the blog. Medium is more of a social network where writers can publish their beautiful stories without their own domain.[1] Svbtle, on the other hand, is your own personal site — like Tumblr, complete with your own domain but free of the social network aspect.

Svbtle is also free of a purchase price, which is potentially the most profound characteristic of Svbtle.

Of the free blogging platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr and the likes, Svbtle offers the most simple experience. Yes, it’s less customizable than Wordpress or Tumblr,[2] but that’s not what Svbtle is shooting for. It shoots for a simple workflow for developing ideas into publishable pieces. I personally find Svbtle to be the most humane blogging platform I have used — and I’ve used them all.

My friend Joe, who customized my Bigfoot footnotes, quickly hopped over to Svbtle as well. Joe has incredible design taste and his switching to Svbtle says a great deal. I recommend you keep an eye on his work.

I also recommend you create a Svbtle blog of your own immediately. It’s free. It’s beautiful. And it’s as human as you can get for a blogging platform.

And, as a result, without their own control.

Having said this, Dustin Curtis has mentioned future customizable and branding options are headed for Svbtle as well.