In response to my questioning of his goals, Zac Szewczyk wrote about the ultimate goal for his site:

Every once in a while, though, a writer comes along willing and able to devote incredible amounts of time and effort into both excellent prose and building a splendid blog. Those are the individuals who go on to greatness, the ones who make a living from this work. This is the one goal I did not put on that list, the one that I could not have attached a number to even if I had; this is the goal I am constantly working towards, one small step at a time.

When I first found Zac's site via Jim Dalrymple, I was appalled at Zac's mild-numbered goals.

But after reading Zac's response, I've become ashamed of myself. Zac gets it. He understands that devoting time and energy to writing is a difficult — and potentially highly rewarding — endeavour. He knows that an audience doesn't show up over night.

After reading his response and a few of his other nice posts, I'm hitting the subscribe button.

Which brings me to another important element of online writing: networking.

Writers can devote exhaustive amounts of time and effort to writing and maintaining a good blog. A lot of that effort is wasted if there is no avenue for readers to discover your content. Networking, be it through social networks or other paths, is essential to growing an audience. And it can start with only a few like-minded people.

For example, I was approached via Twitter by @typistX in regards to a simple app question. I found his website which is splendidly gorgeous (especially that font) and I began to read. I read, and read and read.

The best part about finding new writers is the purity of the writing. So many ideas have been dissected by the most popular writers, but they have been dissected from a popular point of view. Sometimes, in order to find alternate — and equally brilliant — points of view, you have to stumble upon the not-so-popular.

I am especially thankful for the opportunity to network — albeit minimally — with these two individuals. I plan to follow both as they continue to grow their readership and their talent as writers. So far, I'm impressed. And I bet others will be too.