John Siracusa:

Geekdom is not a club; it’s a destination, open to anyone who wants to put in the time and effort to travel there. And if someone lacks the opportunity to get there, we geeks should help in any way we can. Take a new friend to a meetup or convention. Donate your old games, movies, comics, and toys. Be welcoming. Sharing your enthusiasm is part of being a geek.
Anyone trying to purposely erect border fences or demanding to see ID upon entry to the land of Geekdom is missing the point. They have no power over you. Ignore them and dive headfirst into the things that interest you. Soak up every experience. Lose yourself in the pursuit of knowledge. When you finally come up for air, you’ll find that the long road to geekdom no longer stretches out before you. No one can deny you entry. You’re already home.

John Siracusa is a certified Mac nerd. He writes the longest reviews of software known to man.

But John strays away from tech in this article and touches the hearts of a broader audience.

"Geekdom" isn't about knowing how to build a computer or how to speak Klingon. Geekdom applies to anything — you are a geek by having knowledge and enthusiasm about something you love.

Broken record maybe — "You can do anything you want!" and "You are your own person!". These little quotes have led an entire generation astray. But being a geek about something you love? That's Hollywood right there.