The Newsprint will always remain my writing venture with a more defined topic. Anything I write here will be characterized by a narrow scope.

Yesterday I was invited to join Svbtle, a currently invite-only blogging network. It's a beautiful, simple and minimal platform that maintains complete control over blog design. It takes all the extra-curricular away and leaves only a writing interface, which is something many personal sites need.

So, from here on out, I will use The Newsprint as my linkblog and my techblog and Svbtle as my personal blog. Svbtle will be sparse while The Newsprint will be consistent. This here is my goal, not Svbtle.

To start Svbtle off with a bang, Jaclyn and I wrote out a list of all the places we want to visit for our graduation Europe trip in 2015. If you feel like reading a lengthy list, head on over and check it out.