Seth Godin:

Judging by length is foolish. TL;DR shows self-contempt, because you're ignoring the useful in exchange for the short or the amusing. The media has responded to our demand by giving us a rising tide of ever shorter, ever more amusing wastes of time. Short lowers the bar, but it also makes it hard to deliver much.

Too long; didn't read. It's a disease. It's an excuse.

Although I live in a town of fairly conservative-minded people, I am surprised to say that my classmates are fairly unaware of Twitter. Twitter is the perfection of short bursts of information and status updates. It's the polar opposite of TL;DR. But I know very few people locally who are on Twitter.

Does this strike an accord solely with that conservatism? Or, is it becase the evolution of widely read online content has not yet reached the 140 character extreme?