The joy and uplifting persona of the Christmas season becomes a jet stream at this time of year. Abundant positivity seemingly explodes into quips of irrational self-improvement and self-hope. Don’t kid yourself, New Years Resolutions are pathetic. If you have one or two, let’s talk in March about how they passed you by.

Resolutions never work. We work on being ourselves throughout the year, yet the switching of the clock on New Years Day marks the changing of the guard. If we should do anything, we should do what we do best: being ourselves.

This year, I’m making an un-resolution. If it’s so difficult to maintain a resolution, the rational conclusion lends to the relative ease of an un-resolution.

Heretoforthwith, I un-resolve.

Done. This should cover any and every aspect of my life that I ought to change. Instead of changing those aspects, I am going to stay the same. I resolve to stay on the same ship, be the same person and to continue pursuing the same things in 2014. I resolve to not change a thing.

I suppose that’s actually a New Years resolution in and of itself.

At the very least, that should be an easier goal to achieve come March. If you want to stop for coffee and talk about how our resolutions have panned out, I will continue every coffee trend I have developed until now.

Which means I probably won’t be there.

Happy New Year.