Dan Frakes on the new Mac Pro:

This all might sound like I’m disappointed with the new Mac Pro, but that’s not the case at all. On the contrary, I'm just especially impressed by the rest of the Mac line. I think it’s fantastic that people like me, whose needs are considerably more demanding than those of the typical computer user, but not in the realm of a professional-app user, no longer have to splurge on a Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro is a pretty great computer. It’s just no longer the Mac for me.

The MacBook Air has proved that Macs at the lower end of the line are still able to complete the majority of user demands. The Mac Pro consists of the same story from the top of the Mac line; as we realize that our tasks are less and less technical, we also realize that our needs for leading-edge technology are minimized.

The Mac Pro continues the trend of shifting users down the specification ladder. Dan Frakes states that the iMac is now the power user's computer. For casual users, the iPad is now the computer of choice. It wasn't long ago that the MacBook Pro was the everyday computer.