Apple devices are always a hot gift item this time of year. And there is no better way to setup that device than with the hottest sales on the greatest apps in the App Store.

Appsanta, inspired by Macsanta, is a collaboration between individual developers who offer their high quality apps at a discount over the holidays.

Some of my favourite apps are on sale this year and I can't encourage you enough to grab them now. You'll increase the utility of your device and you'll support some incredible developers while you're at it.

Some of my favourites offered this year:

There are other awesome apps on sale through, and I can't wait to grab a couple of them myself.

Also, there are some other great sales over the holidays that aren't included in the collaboration.

If you find other deals, let me know. I'm always up for a good app.


My favourite calendar app just went on sale as well.

Update 2

The best weather app on the App Store also jumped aboard the holiday sale train.