Om Malik:

And while I embrace every new social platform with gusto, I find it frustrating that my point of view is spliced across various networks. I think the blog is the one that ties it all together — a central location where you fit together all the Lego pieces. In many ways it is no different than what blogs used to be in the beginning. Instead of them being a starting point of the journey, they are now the final stop, a digital home in our social media meanderings. Marc Canter,came up with a concept called “digital life aggregators.” And he was right — blogs are just that, digital life aggregators.

As I went through the process of researching and choosing a platform to host my online column, I couldn't help but think about the evolution of weblogs.  As I stated in my introduction, newsprint was the medium in which fact and editorial spread to the masses. Today, the social network delivers the same product.

But in between, the blog took over. The blog changed how humans interact with each other.  The blog introduced an entirely new realm of social and business networking.

Newsprint was to then as the blog is to now.

Om Malik is one of the most prolific and most talented bloggers on the web.  He, alongside other individuals like John Gruber, seemingly created a new industry around online editorial writing.

So, when Om says that blogging is just the same as it ever was, well then, blogging is the same as it ever was.  Except now, it's the end instead of the beginning.