Prince Philip’s Top 10 Gaffes

Friday, Apr 09, 2021

Philip wouldn’t have the reputation he had without a few gaffes. These are particularly egregious — and particularly funny. My favourite:

"I declare this thing open, whatever it is." - On a visit to Canada in 1969.

“Whatever it is."

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Prince Philip’s Obituary on The Globe and Mail

Friday, Apr 09, 2021

Perhaps my favourite line from Sandra Martin’s obituary:

Elizabeth wore the crown and Philip the trousers.

This is my favourite obituary of the day. Brought tears to my eyes. The world will never see another individual — especially a man — take the role Philip took without a word of public complaint.

The Queen Has Lost Her 'Strength and Stay'

Friday, Apr 09, 2021

Honourable obituary for an honourable man. Seventy-three years of marriage and ever the man of duty. Incredible.