Ryan Serhant’s Brooklyn Townhouse

Friday, Jul 30, 2021

On quite short notice, our small family is moving to a new home in a few weeks. And so all these amazing home tours sit at the top of my Youtube list. Serhant is of former Million Dollar Listing glory and his years of success have culminated in a home far beyond my wildest dreams. Also of note: vein matching. Learn something new every day.

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Restoring an Old TISSOT 1853 Watch

Sunday, Jul 18, 2021

I generally watch some sort of ASMR video before bed each night. Something about them just calm the nerves and put me right to sleep. This TISSOT restoration video has been on the playlist recently. So good.

The Art of the Desk Setup

Thursday, Jul 15, 2021

I love the thoughtful deep dive into every single item on this desk. In a way, it’s inspiring. I like his approach to purchasing used items — same quality, less cost. Hope I can adopt this practice a bit more.