I have been advised by a friend that the best way to bring consistency to my writing is by following a style guide. This guide is almost a direct rip-off of Kyle’s guide.


This document will serve as The Newsprint’s unique style guide and will evolve over time.


  • Title capitalization.
  • Comma use.
  • Oxford comma: This, that, and the other thing.
  • Possessive plural: Attach a single apostrophe: The Olympus’ lens is sharp.
  • Colons: Capitalize the first letter of a complete sentence after a colon.
  • “A couple of weeks ago” becomes “A couple weeks ago”.
  • “The monthly budget that I created” becomes “The monthly budget I created”.
  • Em dash: Spaces before and after the use of an em dash: You are the friend — the only friend — to help me.


  • Amortization
  • Audacious Fox
  • Bleed-through
  • Colors Edition
  • Colour
  • Full-frame
  • Honour
  • Learnt, instead of learned
  • Micro 4/3
  • Neighbour
  • Overtime (noun)
  • Over time (as time passes)
  • Past (noun, adjective)
  • Passed (verb; past participle)
  • Rip-off
  • Show-through
  • The New York Times
  • Tools & Toys


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This is a block quote, for those typographically and stylistically minded folk out there.