I’m going to put my stamp on it, if I somehow have a “stamp”: Modern day file storage is going to look a lot like that old professor’s office which is stacked to the ceiling with random sheets of loose leaf. Sometime soon, most computer users will store every file in the same spot. Folders won’t exist. Structure won’t exist.

Where you save the file won’t matter. What you name the file won’t matter. The file type won’t matter. When you last saved the file won’t matter.

What will matter is your ability to use keywords to search for contents in the file. What will matter is your ability to use artificial intelligence to find the file, summarize or modify the file, and share the file. All in under 15 seconds.

It’ll be like finding a needle in a haystack. With perfect accuracy. Every time. All in under five seconds.

It could be on your desktop, though that’d be messy. It could just be the root folder of your iCloud account. (Joke: iCloud’s storage options are pathetic.)

It won’t be long now and the old methodology inside Finder and Windows Explorer will meet a slow perish.

And for many I imagine, the future is already here.