The Apple Watch Ultra with an Apple Umber Leather Link band. The band is OK. I'm looking for something better.

I can feel the glow around the Apple Watch Ultra fading, so it must be a good time to write a review about Apple’s latest and greatest Apple Watch. Whether I can cover all the facets I used to cover about a new Apple product, I’m unsure. But now is as good a time as any to hash out some post-honeymoon thoughts.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used an Apple Watch. I gave a Series 2 Watch a good run for its money, sporting both an aluminum and then a stainless steel option for a few weeks before ultimately returning both. I wore a Series 4 Watch for significantly longer, only to sell and not look back. I just couldn’t find the value in the Watch at that point in time.

Things have changed since then though.

Since then, I’ve had three children. All are under 5 years of age right now and demand a ton of hands-on time.

Since then, I’ve developed a workout regiment. It’s fallen off the wayside a bit with the arrival of our third baby girl, but I still get onto the Peloton a few times a week.

Since then, we have a new toy in the backyard. This swim spa should keep us toasty warm and entertained over the next few years while the girls grow up, and I’m not exactly comfortable bringing my iPhone into the 104-degree water just yet.

All in all, I have a few new reasons to try out the Apple Watch. The least of which is an entirely new Watch body, one which actually looks good for the first time in the Watch’s existence. I’ve never, ever liked the pebble-shaped Watch. The Ultra finally has an aesthetic I’m semi-warm about.

So I’ve given it a shot for a few weeks. And I think the Ultra will last longer than the Series 2 before it. I suspect it’ll last longer than the Series 4 before it as well, but the honeymoon glow has started to wear off.

Over the next week or two, I’ll break apart different sections of this review into separate blog posts. I’ve learned I’m not very good with long blog posts, especially here on The Newsprint. The shorter, quicker I can make them, the more likely they’ll be published. Today is introduction day. Tomorrow (or the day after, or the day after) will be more. I already have most of this written, but I want to get something out the door sooner than later.

Or the glow will wear off.