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I mentioned earlier in the week that Emryn is going through Leap Numero Uno in her Wonder Weeks list. It’s an exciting time, but there’s not enough coffee on Planet Earth to make up for her parents’ lack of sleep.

How I love being a parent!

(Speaking of Planet Earth, Planet Earth II is the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen. It’s a great binge-watch for one weekend — particularly so if you have a 4K + HDR TV.)

Starting January 1, 2018, I took over for Stephen Hackett as Editor-in-Chief of The Sweet Setup. It’s a great honour and opportunity to fill such a role. Stephen took The Sweet Setup from a fledgling site to one of the most trusted sites for recommending the best apps for Mac and iOS. Those are some serious shoes to fill.

The Sweet Setup is like The Wirecutter of the iOS/macOS world. iOS and macOS are a world ripe with chances to research new things, toy with new ideas, and recommend a new bit of software that could alter someone’s life or habits.

I think that’s pretty powerful.

We’ve got some really great things planned for the next few months and I can’t wait to show everyone. Stay tuned.

As a result of moving into this new role, I’ve found myself doing a wide range of app research — both on iOS, as I hope to move more into the iPad for work, and on macOS, where I hope to improve efficiencies as much as possible.

Any substantial move into the iOS ecosystem requires a subscription to Club MacStories. For $5/month or $50/year, you receive a weekly and monthly MacStories newsletter, access to free giveaways, and other benefits.

I think the kicker is in how much information is in a single Club MacStories weekly newsletter. It’s mind-boggling. I’ve gone back in the archive for three or four weeks and discovered at least three apps per issue worth checking out. (Here’s one I’m excited to try out — Kpressor unzips zip archives in Files.app.) You can very quickly see the effort and care Federico and his team put into the weekly newsletter.

I understand that it’s easy to run into your monthly subscription threshold. But if you feel like you want to get better at your iPhone or iPad, Club MacStories is a worthy read.

By posting a few more things during the week, my list of Sunday-Edition-potentials has dwindled down a bit. But thanks to Chris Bowler’s post on his favourite reads of 2017, there are still plenty of picks to choose from this week.

I particularly loved the World Junior Hockey Championship outdoor game photo essay by Thomas Skrlj. That one will tug at every most Canadians’ hearts, even though we came out on the wrong side of a shootout in the game.

  • Schuyler’s ESV Personal Size Quentel Reference Bible — Holy Writ & Sacred Witness
  • A Fans Perspective - WJH Outdoor Game 2017 — Thomas Skrlj
  • Dieter Rams: Ten Principles For Good Design — Readymag
  • SpaceX shows off stunning pictures of its Falcon Heavy rocket fully assembled on the launchpad — The Verge
  • Great drone vide of Falcon Heavy — Reddit
  • 2018 and the art of slowing down. – Thaddeus Hunt
  • Best Wines Tasted in 2017: Bordeaux, Barolo, Chile, and Texas? — Bloomberg
  • ‘I Forgot My PIN’: An Epic Tale of Losing $30,000 in Bitcoin — Wired
  • The Daily Plan Bar – Rohdesign
  • Smartphone use falls among young for first time — BBC News
  • The 2 Hour Rule: The Genius of Einstein, Darwin, and Nietzsche Applied — iamwire
  • Fujifilm X-E3 Review — Jonas Rask
  • Star Wars The Last Jedi Christmas Special — Hello Internet
  • Does Google Miss Google Reader? — CJ Chilvers

Happy Sunday. All the best in the week ahead.